Springsteen’s New Album


I’m very excited by the new Bruce Springsteen album, High Hopes! According to a new Rolling Stone article, the album is a bit of an ‘anomaly’ because it’s a collection of older songs, remakes of some obscure material and cover songs.  It also features Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello on numerous songs, including a duet on ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’.  So whilst it may be a bit of a departure from the excellent 2012 Wrecking Ball album, as the album’s producer Ron Aniello said in another Rolling Stone article, ‘The fact they’re older songs doesn’t detract from the brilliance of the record.’  I hope that’s true, because I have great admiration for Springsteen and his music.

So I am looking forward to the unique opportunity to stream the album next week.  A few songs will feature on the American television show The Good Wife, and there will be an exclusive stream after the broadcast this Sunday.  It will be available from 2200 ET (0300 GMT, 6 January) through Monday, 13 January at 1900 ET (0000 GMT, 14 January).  So there will be plenty of time to fall in love with the new (old?) songs.

Similarly, there will be ample opportunity to look forward to another tour.  Whilst there are dates for an Australia/New Zealand shows to start the year, I’ve heard no talk of any UK dates like last year.  Which is a shame, because I was able to see him in Coventry.  Seeing the entirety of the Born to Run album, start to finish, was amazing! Even in his late sixties, the man can perform!  I look forward to the future album and (high hopes!) more live shows I can attend.

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