Album Previews, the Internet and New Music

I love the internet and it’s ability to allow us to listen to music before it’s been released.  It’s how I heard three or four of my Top 10 albums last year.  This year, of course, is starting off no different.  Whether it’s the free song ‘Daily Download‘ available at Rolling Stone, streaming tracks of ‘New Music‘ from NME, NPR’s ‘First Listen‘ series that allows full album streams, or the (probably) countless other ways to listen (legally) to new music, the internet is a valuable source.

Whilst I feel it is a little too early to write a full review of the new Springsteen album, as I have only listened in full once and even that as background music, my initial impressions were positive.  I was very hesitant to listen because of the uniqueness of it.  I really like Wrecking Ball and didn’t want to have a let down because it wouldn’t be that album.  I should have known better, as Springsteen delivers again.  There will be a full review later, after the official release next week.

I’ve looked at some of the lists of things to look forward to in 2014.  I am unaware of most of my favourite bands and artists (other than Springsteen) having new releases this year, but it has only just started and I haven’t looked that in-depth.  I’m sure at the start of 2013 I wouldn’t have known most of the new releases that made my Top 10.  At that time I hadn’t even heard of Haim, so there is still plenty of time to discover new music.  THus, whilst there is nothing that I am absolutely dying with anticipation for at the moment, half the fun of music is discovering new people.  I will, of course, look forward to the new Adele, Gaslight Anthem and others upon their eventual release.  In the meantime I’ll continue to explore the album previews available via the internet.

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