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Marking and Possible Industrial Action

I have been somewhat reluctant to blog about marking for various reasons, including reluctance to talk about specifics from essays.  However, I will try to keep everything anonymous and not go into too many specifics.  I feel the issue is … Continue reading

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New Music Reviews

Thanks to NPR and their ‘First Listen‘ series, I discovered two new artists this past week.  I usually check in on Monday or Tuesday to see what new music is being released in the upcoming week.  Most of the time … Continue reading

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Academic Writing Pitfalls

This past week was reading week for my university.  Now, as I only teach one day a week that didn’t necessarily mean a whole lot, other than not having to catch a train and have a horrendously long Friday like … Continue reading

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Why ’12 Years A Slave’ Should, But Won’t, Win Best Picture

I literally just got home from seeing 12 Years A Slave.  It’s the most powerful movie I’ve seen in a very, very long time. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘entertaining’ in the traditional sense of harmless distraction, but it is engaging, … Continue reading

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Film, Football and Death (and Taxes)

I’ve heard a saying that the news about deaths comes in threes: last week it was Pete Seeger, this week it was Philip Seymour Hoffman.  So I’m sure next week will be another influential and beloved figure.  It’s always depressing … Continue reading

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