Watching Without Fear

Today is the day. Daredevil season 2 has been released on Netflix. I won’t be watching.


Not that I don’t want to watch it. I’m highly looking forward to it, actually. I thoroughly enjoyed season 1 and absolutely loved Jessica Jones. I really enjoy the MCU as a whole (don’t even get me started about how much I’m squee-ing for Civil War — I’m #TeamCap, by the way, though I do understand #TeamStark’s argument). The reality is I’m just overwhelmed.


I’m overwhelmed with job hunting, life, television and movies. I’ve just submitted my PhD (woo!) so now I begin the tough slog that is job hunting — for postdocs, early career fellowships, lectureships, something in different fields, or, in reality, for anything that pays. It’s a lot of work researching the company (or university), tweaking my CV for each individual job, writing cover letters and filling out applications. Most postdoc and fellowships also require a research proposal, so I also have to modify that to fit into the application process. I have just submitted an application where I have high hopes, but we’ll see in the next few weeks. So, it’s almost a full-time job just job hunting. Now, I’ve had a lot of not-so-glamourous jobs in my lifetime, so I’m not opposed to taking another one to pay the bills. The flipside of that is that for every hour I work (or apply to work) in that type of job, I lose an hour of trying to find a permanent post in a career-type job. So it’s a juggling act, of sorts, between balancing my dreams with my reality.


Job hunting is, of course, not the only thing I’m doing. I do need a work-life balance of some sorts, which is where the rest of life, television and movies comes in. I have friends whom I see on a regular basis, so that’s two or three evenings a week gone. I’m also a regular contributor to a volunteer activity, to which I have just taken on more responsibility, so that’s another few hours during the week.

When I am actually home to watch TV, I often watch with my partner. She has no interest in Daredevil (alas) but she is at least watching Agents of SHIELD (though we’re a few weeks behind) so she’s not completely out of the MCU loop. We don’t get out to the movies much, unfortunately, so we have to pick and chose what and when to see things. We did see Deadpool (loved it!), though we were a few weeks late on that. When I do have an opportunity to watch something on my own I’m still trying to catch up on other shows (or movies). With all of the original content Netflix is producing — most of which I’m enjoying, once I finally get around to watching it — I’m just getting further and further behind in new programming.  I still haven’t even seen Marco Polo from a long time ago, let alone the latest House of Cards. There’s so much (potentially) quality programming — from Netflix alone, not to mention all the other outlets like HBO, where I am highly anticipating Game of Thrones season 6 next month — that I don’t have time to watch it all. In other words, I’m overwhelmed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a job application to work on before I can watch something. In the meantime, please, no spoilers. I’d like to watch without fear of knowing what’s happening.

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