The Latest In Geekdom

I’ve been busy moving and not having consistent internet for the past few weeks, hence the delay in posting. There’s a lot of pop culture and geek news to catch up on since I’ve been away.


The 68th Annual Emmy Awards took place over the weekend. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners. I’d especially like to say well-done to Game of Thrones and Tatiana Maslany. GoT has now become the most awarded scripted television show of all time with its 38 wins (and an amazing 106 nominations!) over its 6 year span. With two more seasons planned, that number is only bound to go up, too. For Maslany, I’m happy that the Emmy’s are finally recognising her varied and impressive work in Orphan Black. orphan-blackIf you’ve not seen the show, she plays a number of clones, each with their own personality and characteristics, often in the same scene. She can go from an uptight, drug-abusing soccer mom one second to a trained assassin the next. She does it all seamlessly, too, as the quirks of one clone never appear in another. Basically, she can play up to 10 characters a single episode. It’s a sci-fi show that hasn’t gained the mass national attention of a show airing on HBO or Netflix — it airs on BBC America — so has limited exposure. But it’s great to see the Emmys daring to go outside the norm for their awards; especially considering the show opens up many, many questions about identity, autonomy, agency, sexuality and female power (amongst other thought-provoking social questions). As the LA Times wrote, ‘Geekdom Wins at the 2016 Emmy Awards‘. Yes, geekdom has definitely gone mainstream.

Star Trek

Fifty years after it’s premiere on television, Star Trek is once again in the news. I might be one of the few people happy with the announcement that Star Trek: Discovery, has pushed back their release date until May 2017. Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman felt like they needed more time to make a quality show that would live up to the writing, acting and production standards that had inspired them since childhood. I totally understand that. Yes, I’m disappointed I won’t have new Trek until May, but I’ve waited over a decade already, so what’s a few more months? I just hope this means they can actually get the quality show they want. I’ll be even more disappointed if the show turns out to be horrible despite the delay. In the meantime, I have plenty of other Trek available on Netflix to keep me busy.


Speaking of Netflix, the latest MCU (more geekdom gone mainstream) addition, Luke Cage, is available in a little over a week. It looks excellent and I’m sure it will keep me enthralled for its duration, as have the other shows.

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And Finally…

With that, I leave you with this video from Joss Whedon on the importance of voting from It’s got a lot of famous (and not so famous) people in it, including Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo (with a teaser for him getting nude, if that interests — I found it hilarious). Voting is important, because I, for one, don’t want the US to have its own ‘Brexit’-regret type feeling come 9 November if they (we?) elect a fear-mongering, con artists, homophobic racist. I don’t normally get political on here, and I don’t necessarily endorse any candidate, but the sentiment is important nonetheless.


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