A Year In Review… And A Turn to the Future

Well, 2016 has sucked. From way, way, way too many celebrity deaths (or at least ones I actually liked) to “democracy” gone awry at pretty much every turn to a host of other issues that have made this the “Worst. Year. Ever.” It’s suck so much that I can’t even do my annual Top 10 list.

worst-year-everThis would normally be the portion of the year when I do my “Top 10” albums as I had in years past. But, honestly, I’ve barely listened to new music this year. I’m not even sure I could name 10 albums that came out that I’ve heard, let alone rank them in any sort of sensible order. I do know I quite enjoyed Brian Fallon’s Painkillers, and Wilco’s Schmilco, pretty much because I love Wilco.

I considered doing a “Top 10 in Pop Culture” ranking my favorite music, movies and television shows this year but thought better of it. Much like with the music, I’m not sure I’ve seen enough new movies or TV shows to warrant calling out “the best.” All right, season 6 of Game of Thrones was pretty awesome. But I expect to like the movies I see in the theater, which is why I don’t go to a whole lot. And I don’t particularly care for commercials in my TV, so I tend to watch most stuff on Netflix or an on-demand provider with few, if any, commercials. So how do I rank things? How do you rate Captain America: Civil War, a 2-hour action extravaganza, to the latest season of Orange Is the New Black with its almost 13 hours of content? They’re both excellent in their own ways.

I thought, too, about ranking celebrity deaths in order of importance to me. But then I realized that I didn’t want to get depressed by seeing many of my musical and acting heroes all gone. Besides, there’s already lists for that. And how does one truly compare Carrie Fisher to David Bowie or Muhammad Ali? They were all so impactful in their various fields that it would be a disservice to them to them to say one was somehow “better” than another.


So, no lists in review for me this year. Instead, I’ll write about what I’d like to see in 2017.

  • Ideally both the UK and US will come to their senses politically and realize Brexit and Trump were horrible choices for the majority of people and somehow rectify those mistakes.
  • Humanity grows up enough where we all start coming together to see our similarities rather than constantly being divided by our differences. This would mean no more wars, homicides or scare-mongering.
  • The realization that climate change is real, impacts the world, and plans not only to curb the situation but actually make it better. If children are the legacy we leave the world, we’re not leaving them with much of a world and a horrible legacy.
  • An end to the commodification of everything. There’s no fundamental reason why private companies should profit from things like health care or education when they are essential to a healthy, happy life.
  • And, since I’m going for huge pipe dreams, why not add I’d like to see my cat trained not to wake me up at the ungodly hours of the morning begging for food as he’s done every morning since I got him. He actually seems to have gotten worse recently. And by that I mean it’s progressively earlier and earlier while he continues to get fatter and fatter.

Hey, if I’m going to look for something positive and hopeful for the next 365 days I might as well make them benefit myself and everyone else too. Go big or go home, as they say (and since I’m at home I might as well go big)!

Anyway, here’s to hoping that 2017 doesn’t suck. Cheers, slainte, salud, prost, etc. Happy New Year, see you on the other side!



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