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Time, Energy and the Will to Write

Time. Time and energy. They are intrinsically linked, as Einstein knew so well (see E=mc² and the whole of relativity theory). I’ve not had a lot of time to write this blog recently. Or, rather, I’ve had the same amount … Continue reading

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The Art of Job Hunting

Go to any website offering job advice and they’ll most likely say very similar things. Your resume, or CV depending on part of the world and/or job experience, should have active verbs with results-driven content. It shouldn’t be more than … Continue reading

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A Summer of Change

I spent a beautiful day yesterday at the US Open with my wife and father-in-law. It was clear skies, not terribly hot and filled with some excellent tennis. It was a great way to end summer. And it’s been an … Continue reading

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Non-Psychedelic Feedback

Over the past few months I’ve had a few job interviews. Unfortunately I did not get those jobs, but it was useful to go to the interviews nonetheless. I say a few jobs, really it’s been two. I had a … Continue reading

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Reflections On Me

As you may remember from my last post a few weeks ago (sorry for the long wait) I had a few interviews last week.  After I wrote that post I got invited to another interview, as well, so I had … Continue reading

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We Have A Few Questions For You

I’ve been lucky enough (skilled enough? able to sell myself enough?) to be called in to interview for a few fellowships next week.  One is a full-time position teaching a few core first-year modules, the other is a half-time teaching … Continue reading

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