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So I’ve been at this screenwriting (#amwriting) thing for a little over a year now. It’s been a very interesting time, very informative, and, honestly, very difficult. Not because writing a script is hard (it is, or can be) but … Continue reading

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Darker Side of Academia

Higher education in the West has become a commodity. There have been numerous articles, studies, posts, etc. about how universities now are now becoming sprawling institutions of administration geared toward making money (this Onion article may be satire, but it’s … Continue reading

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End of the Line

There’s a song from the band Traveling Wilbury’s called ‘End of the Line’. It starts off with the line ‘Well it’s all right…’ doing something, repeated in various iterations. In other words, there are lots of reasons why it’s all … Continue reading

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At the Dark End of the Street

I’m done!  Mostly.  I think… I’ve completed a full revised draft of the entire thesis.  It’s even under the maximum word limit.  Mostly it’s good, with some very strong sections.  I have sent it off to my advisor for last … Continue reading

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Reflections On Me

As you may remember from my last post a few weeks ago (sorry for the long wait) I had a few interviews last week.  After I wrote that post I got invited to another interview, as well, so I had … Continue reading

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Out of the door and down on the streets all alone

I had an interesting week last week.  My partner was away visiting her family, so I was alone for just over a week (well, alone with the cats).  It made me realise a few things about myself, working on a … Continue reading

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This Post Has Been Revised, Per Feedback From Supervisor

I’ve started the long process of revising  my PhD chapter drafts.  Other people have written about the topic and give excellent advice, which I am trying to follow.  Overall it’s a long task that is going to have a lot … Continue reading

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PhD: the Home Stretch!

I was discussing my PhD progress with my supervisor and friends and family recently and it hit me that I have a little over six months until my submission date.  I’m both excited and terrified about this! On the one … Continue reading

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Book Proposals

I’m attempting to write a book proposal for an edited collection based on a conference I organized. I didn’t realize how much work goes into such a thing!  Not only do I need to collect all the outline plans from … Continue reading

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