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This Post Has Been Revised, Per Feedback From Supervisor

I’ve started the long process of revising  my PhD chapter drafts.  Other people have written about the topic and give excellent advice, which I am trying to follow.  Overall it’s a long task that is going to have a lot … Continue reading

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Best of Both Worlds: The Work-Life Balance

I’m coming into the final few months of my PhD.  Some of the stories I’ve heard from recently finished students can be quite horrifying.  I know of one person who spent basically three straight months writing and revising, only leaving … Continue reading

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To everything there is a season (finale), turn, turn, turn

The time has come for many American shows to come to an end for yet another year.  I both love and hate season finales. I love them because they often bring a (fairly) satisfying wrap-up of stories that have been … Continue reading

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